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UPDATED 12/28/21. Please read carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns.


The Pineda Studio is all-inclusive and does not discriminate based on age, race, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.


Lessons are currently offered online with limited availability hybrid openings. Limited openings available for new students of all ages and levels. Currently, in-person lessons are only available as part of the hybrid option or as an occasional drop-in student. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Anyone who enters the building/studio space who is not vaccinated or under the age of 12 must wear a mask when in-person. Zoom is our preferred online lesson platform. Once your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom link, Meeting ID and password which you will use to log on every week. We are staying up-to-date on the newest regional and CDC guidelines, peer-reviewed studies, and National Association of Teachers of Singing recommendations regarding in-person voice and singing. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @pinedastudio and “like” us on Facebook @studiopineda.


Your at-home set up makes a huge difference in the quality of our experience together. Lighting, sound, and internet connection all play a vital role. Having access to TWO (2) devices during your lesson is the most effective. You should have one device to host our lesson, and one additional device to play exercise and accompaniment tracks. Lighting is one of the most important factors that often gets forgotten. Make sure you hosting device has its brightness turned all the way up. This one tip can make all the difference! A lamp facing you or setting up with you facing a window (regardless of whether it's sunny or cloudy) is ideal. If your light source or window are behind or directly above you, it makes it very difficult for me to see you clearly and give accurate corrections. Headphones and earbuds are also ideal to cut out extra distractions, and often improve sound quality on both ends. The best space for your lesson is one where you can sit and stand comfortably at any given moment, and still be seen on camera with only minor adjustment. Raising your hosting device up on a stack of books, a stand, a bookshelf or other piece of furniture gives me the best view and gives us the most flexibility. For visual aids and more detailed tips and tricks for the best at-home lesson experience, please click here.


For virtual lessons, students should log on to Zoom no more than 5 minutes before their lesson time. They will be admitted from the “waiting room” at their appointed time. Text (917) 391-0842 if you have any issues logging in or if you will be late. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notice, you will be considered a No Call/No Show (see Missed Lessons & Make-ups). Please have all materials (hosting device, listening device with tracks downloaded and ready to play, binder with sheet music, notes and worksheets, pencil, eraser, bottle of water, music stand, headphones, mic, etc) ready before the start of every lesson. Please put notifications and ringers on silent before your lesson to avoid interruptions. For in-person lessons at the NJ studio, please wait in the appointed waiting area if you arrive early. Please wait at the sanctuary door at your lesson time. Patricia will motion you in when she's ready. Anyone entering the building unvaccinated/under the age of 12, must be masked at all times.


Consistent practice outside of your lesson time is important and expected to maintain your voice and to make reasonable progress. Ideally, you should practice at least 4-5 times between lessons. Create a dedicated space for your work. In these crazy times that might mean your bathroom, your car, the garage, a corner of your yard, or coordinating your families so you get those private practice moment in your favorite room in the house. Repeated failure to practice and prepare may result in studio dismissal. Students and parents/guardians are always welcomed and encouraged to reach out to their instructor via email if they have questions about practice and assignments, or want to discuss concerns or progress.


24-hour notice is required to guarantee a make-up lesson. If a student cancels on the same day as the lesson, the lesson is considered forfeit. Make-ups, credits, or refunds will be offered only at the instructor's discretion. Regular cancellations and absences may result in studio dismissal or losing one's regular time slot. If a student does not provide any notice of absence, it is considered a No Call/No Show and no make-up, credit, or refund will be offered—no exceptions. If a student is 15 minutes or more late without notice, it is considered a No Call/No Show and no make-up, credit, or refund will be offered--no exceptions. In the event of illness or family emergency, a make-up or credit will be offered. Make-up lessons will be scheduled based on instructor availability, and may occur anytime within the semester. Alternative options to a “live” make-up lesson include a personalized video practice session by the instructor sent to the student, or students can send a video recording of themselves for a critique with suggestions for practice and improvement. If a student cancels or misses a scheduled make-up lesson, no further make-up times will be offered, but they may send a video for critique and feedback. Repeated student cancellations or no call/no shows may be cause for studio dismissal. In the event your instructor needs to cancel a lesson, the student will have a choice to make up the lesson or credit towards the next month’s tuition.


Registration is required for EACH semester. Lessons are tentatively being scheduled on Mondays (online/hybrid), Tuesdays (online only),  and Wednesdays (online only), this Winter/Spring. Limited Sunday afternoon availability is reserved for hybrid students and drop-ins. Other days and times may be available upon request or later in the semester, based on demand. Please fill out the google registration form for Winter/Spring 2022 lessons and coachings. Reminder: You are not considered enrolled until receipt of registration form and a confirmation email with your scheduled day/time. For new students or students who did not enroll in the Fall, a $50 registration fee and payment in full or Payment 1is due before your first lesson. Spots are extremely limited so a regular spot is not guaranteed.The Winter/Spring semester will run from Jan 18 and end on June 20. The studio will be closed 2/21-25, 3/21-25, 4/15-22, 5/30, and 6/7-10. These closings have already been subtracted from your tuition and make-ups will not be offered for them.


A non-refundable yearly $50.00 registration fee is due upon enrollment, regardless of when you enroll. This fee reserves your weekly lesson day/time slot and covers the cost of sheet music, tracks, worksheets, repertoire, apps, memberships, and equipment purchased and maintained for students during the year. You will not be scheduled nor guaranteed a spot until receipt of this fee. *Not included: extra accompanist fees for auditions and video recordings, or fees paid for voice or theory exams and competitions.


Tuition includes not just your allotted private lesson time, but covers lesson preparation, song research, creation of tracks, and more. The Winter/Spring semester’s tuition is either due 1) in full, at a discount, by Jan 11, 2022 OR 2) in five (5) equal installments, due upon registration, March 1, April 1, May 1, and June 1. Each payment is the same amount, regardless of how many lessons occur within that month. Students are not charged for any days the studio is closed. Pre-announced studio closings have already been factored into your tuition. A $10 late fee will be added to your invoice if payment is received after the 5th of the month. Invoices will be emailed monthly. Please visit the Registration Page for current tuition pricing. Additional lessons or coachings for extra prep or leading up to auditions are also available upon request and can be paid at the time of your appointment or added to your next invoice. ZELLE is our payment platform of choice and is offered by most financial institutions as a no-fee, trusted and safe bank-to-bank transfer. If alternate payment method is necessary, please email or leave a voicemail at (917) 391-0842 ASAP to discuss.


Students who need to skip 4 weeks or more of lessons (with advanced notice) for school commitments or otherwise, may lose their lesson day and time. Students who cancel more than 3 lessons in a row will forfeit their lesson slot. If you are unable to continue lessons for any reason, please give at least 2 week’s notice via email to and await email confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation, please leave a detailed voicemail message at (917) 391-0842. If you have paid in full or already completed your monthly payment at the time of your withdrawal request, you will receive a pro-rated refund. If you choose to discontinue lessons and cancel within the week of your final scheduled lesson, you forfeit that lesson’s tuition.


Occasional drop-in lessons and coachings for those not enrolled for the semester are available upon request, but subject to instructor availability. Online drop-in rates are $45 for 30 mins, $55 for 45 mins, and $75 for 1 hour and due the day of your appointment. For in-person drop-in pricing, please contact us. Please email or text/leave a voicemail at (917) 391-0842 to schedule. *Discounts available for Pineda Studio or Pineda Conservatory alumni.


In addition to the traditional end-of-the-year Spring Recital, there will be several (virtual) showcases put on throughout the semester. These performance opportunities are completely optional but strongly encouraged. Students are also encouraged to participate in competitions and festivals, and to prepare for auditions at their schools, in the community, and to think even bigger to the regional, state, national or international levels!


Students who participate in lessons, rehearsals, and/or performances with the Pineda Studio (Conservatory) may be photographed or recorded without advanced notice. By checking you have read this contract, you agree to you or your child’s voice, image and/or likeness to be used in our media, royalty-free. This includes but is not limited to social media streams, marketing, advertisements, and YouTube channel. The Pineda Studio will not publish the full name of any student without consent.


GROUP OPTIONS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED but please let us know if you’d like a specific offering. One-on-one options available. We will offer Master Classes and Workshops throughout the year, based on student interest. Past classes and workshops include College Audition Preparation, Audition Master Class, Musical Theatre Dance Workshop, and Opera Master Class. A nominal fee is usually charged.Classes are taught by the Pinedas and/or special professional industry guests.


If you need to be videoed or recorded for an audition, a birthday or Christmas present, or simply for your own enjoyment, don’t hesitate to ask for additional information. The cost of a recording session is the same as that of the regular hourly rate for voice lessons, plus any time spent on pre- or post-production. It does not include the cost of an accompanist if one is needed. Sessions over two hours will be discounted. For those taping at home, backdrop, backdrop stand, and tripod rental available. If you have any questions or would like more information, please drop us a line!

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And don't forget to read me, please.


Studio Policies updated 12/2021. Downloadable/printable copy will be downloaded SOON for your perusal and for your records. Please read through completely and go over with your student before completing registration. Full studio policies and studio closings will always be available online, above, for easy access.

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